At JJ Stereo last year I developed a TVC concept for Ellie Goulding. The picture cut was nigh on confirmed and showed Ms Goulding in a willowy, silken shawl caught in the wind in slow motion.
I created computer generated silk and treated the captions with it and artwork elements. I am very happy with the colour work in the captions and the way the real silk and computer silk are virtually indistinguishable.
The broadcast version of the advert can be watched at JJ Stereo's website or on Telly Ads. I opted to show this as I like it better. The aired version has less caption and more face, which stands to reason as its promoting the Halcyon album, not how well I make fake silk.
I used Cinema 4D's resident fabric wench Cloth-Hilde to make the material (I don't know why its called Hilde, but it puts me in the mind of a Mädchen at Oktoberfest).
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