I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer based in East London.

Specialising in motion graphics but not limited to; I also design for web and print, direct, wield a video camera better than your uncle can (unless your uncle is a professional camera man), shoot rather nice photographs, storyboard pitch concepts and drink an excessive amount of sugary drinks.

I'd also like to be writer amongst other things. But seeing as I'm not really sure how to go about this at present I'll stick to branding your content, animating your TVCs in glorious 3D or stylish 2D, concept and create sweet title sequences for your new shows, add special FX or grades to your films and create graphic cutaways for your promos & teasers.

I've also won a couple of Promax awards one was gold so that was nice. And it conveniently means you don't have to take my word for it that I'm good at this sort of thing and that you should verily get in touch!

Specialties: Motion graphic design and animation, filming, photography, typography, branding and identity, riding no handed, client relations, art direction, creative pitching and brainstorming, special effects.
Call me to discuss new work or muse on the finer points of aural communication.
+44 7793 88 59 07
Email me sweet nothings but preferably about projects.

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